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img_9170 So… it finally came to pass that I HAD to have bunion surgery. This after my podiatrist- who had been seeing me for foot pain and a resulting hammer toe said: “You need surgery.”

“So, What are you saying?”

“You’re basically using 1/3 of your left foot and jacking your entire body’s alignment and risking further, complimentary injury by continuing to do what you do on this defective foot.”

He’s very mysterious, my Dr. Park.

So- I did it. I had to. I have insurance and we had enough to swing deductible (just) and it is basically, my livelihood. So- I went under- they shaved the bunion bone down and put in a metal rod to align my foot to my big toe- then went to hammer toe next to that, took out a mid-knuckle and put another metal rod in there. Whee. Was in a boot for 4 weeks- 3 of which I couldn’t touch my foot to the ground. Good times.

Bonus? I got a handicapped placard for 5 months. What I noticed? NOT ENOUGH Handicapped spaces and I felt so guilty parking there I would exaggerate my limp when I got out…

ANYWAY- what I’m getting at? I am 2 months out and still gimpy. JUST started (really slow) running and still compromised with planks, mobility, etc. BUT- it’s better than it was and I need to be patient. Can do this all day with ANYONE besides myself. But- I also think about all those days where I WASN’T compromised and how I didn’t appreciate enough… So- those are my sights today. On the non-compromised and- until then, appreciating NO CRUTCHES, wearing normal shoes and slow, tiny baby steps.


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