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thFor some reason- back issues and posture have been coming up in a lot of discussions lately. and I have been meaning to look up this woman I heard about on KCRW. (I get EVERYTHING from NPR) She is the “Posture Guru of Silicon Valley”. As in all these major corporations & companies bring her in to fix the collective posture of their employees.
Her name is Esther Gokhale and I think she’s kind of amazing. You can look up on You Tube all kinds of FREE advice and tips from her method- and I STRONGLY encourage it – especially today- where EVERYONE is on a computer, laptop, phone or pad- looking down, slouching and sucking at posture in general.
There is NOTHING that good posture will HARM further. It can do only good. It helps your confidence. Alleviates back & neck pain. Aids digestion. Helps you look longer & leaner. Improves (work) performance. Increases energy levels- walks your dog, feeds the cat and does your taxes- ON TIME.

Just check her out. It’s so basic and it’s something you can start RIGHT now.

Aug 21, 2015 | Category: Brooke's Blog | Comments: none