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Why Bootcamp?

  • It’s cheap! You’re getting 4 sessions a week for a month for what you’d pay a trainer for about 3 sessions
  • WE HAVE CHILDCARE (at MANY of our CAMPS) YOU GET CRAZY FIT while your little one has a playdate!
  • It’s fast! You’re getting a workout that targets strength, cardio, and flexibility in ONE HOUR- burn 400-600 calories PER CLASS- Done.
  • Consistency. It forces you to be consistent… the number one key to success.
  • No more sweaty gyms. No crowded classes, no lonely treadmil. You + your crew + Sweat.
  • It works. All you have to do is show up.
  • YES! Boot Camps are “trendy” right now. Know why? Because they WORK. You get an insane workout, bond with folks like yourself and don’t have to go broke doing so. Having said that- just know that, just because it’s called “BOOT CAMP” does NOT mean you have to be yelled at, berrated, wear silly outfits or be forced to barf by an ex-military, hairless type. (No offense) Just know that we cater to ALL those wanting to get in shape and- no one knows a WOMAN’S body & needs (especially after having a baby) than A WOMAN. Just like a MAN, who wants to “cut up” and “Yolk out” isn’t all that interested in the “Pilates 100″… We have it all. We cover the bases. We have fun and we GET RESULTS.

We’ll even go one BETTER: Wanna work out for FREE? Get a crew of 6+ of your pals together we’ll come to you and your session is FREE! Time slots FILL UP FAST- WHY “WEIGHT”?

It’s now or never.


You have to mix it up

Ever notice that person at the gym who’s always there, always on the treadmill and never seems to be getting anywhere? It’s because he’s doing the same thing time and time again. It doesn’t work. Why? Because the body’s smart. It adapts to whatever you do (damn Darwin). That’s why you’ve got to mix it up. Keep on tricking and shocking it. You’ll not only get faster results, you’ll also keep at it because it’s not the same thing day in and day out. We use everything we like from all areas of fitness training: free weights, bands, bodyweight exercises, interval training, pilates, yoga, boxing, cardio, and circuit training- all catered to YOUR specific needs.

If you’re pregnant and don’t want to end up with your own zip code, stay healthy and get in shape for the biggest event of your life- we’re for you. We have gentle but really effective, safe workouts for you during your entire pregnancy that incorporate pilates, yoga, low impact cardio and weight training. If you had your baby and want to get back into those pre-pregnancy clothes- call us. If you’re a guy and want to bulk up, cut, lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure or just get fit- call us. We’ll customize a workout for you that strengthens your core, develops lean muscle and helps you LOSE those POUNDS in record time.
In a nutshell:

  • You won’t get bored.
  • You will be sore.
  • You WILL lose weight.

And, most importantly- we come to you. Wherever you are whenever you need. Got an hour during naptime? How about burning 600 calories instead of surfing TMZ on the net? Gotta work? How about an hour during lunch? Before you go in or when you get home? Name it- we’re there. Forget the gym hassle, the traffic nightmare and the expense of private training facilities- we’ll get there to get you there.

LOOKING TO GET “REALLY SERIOUS”? Check out the One on One Gauntlet. It works. That’s all we’re going to say.