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FitHappens_MarkWell, it has happened. I've finally decided to wrangle all my research (opinions), experience (opinions), tests (opinions), feelings (opinions) and thoughts (opinions) into a fitness blog. Keep in mind that EVERY trainer/fitness person has their own set of "go to's", methods, thoughts and they are ALL different. I think there is a LOT to be gained- I am NOT going to reveal the BIG SECRET to fitness and WEIGHT LOSS because there IS NONE. NONE. NOT EVER. NONE. The only secret I have found is hard work and finding WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Opinions vary with each person and mine are all through MY own filter- it just happens to be a bit moreā€¦ "raw". than some. Doug & I have been doing this for a spell now and are constantly changing and adapting. Because we both get bored easily. I would HATE to do the same workout every day- HATE. I would also hate to be one of those trainers that wants their clients to do ridiculous crap that I would never attempt or want to do. That's why I'm right there with you, working out and will often scream : "Oh EFF THIS!" mid-rep and switch it up. For right now- this is just an overview. I will try to deal with specifics in later posts. My thought for this entry is: TRY EVERYTHING that even mildly interests you- fitness-wise. You never know what might STICK. If you can find that thing- RIDE THAT SUCKER until you don't feel it anymore. Then move on. (Hopefully, if you're local, that sucker is us!)

Don’t be an A**HOLE.

Yes- “clean eating” is all the rage- but don’t be an asshole about it. An asshole brings their own food to the BBQ and takes an almost perverse joy in saying “no thanks” to any/all food offered/provided because it may contain “trace amounts of something not on your asshole list”. Don’t be that asshole. Adapt. […]

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Despite my checkered past and spotty school records until College (4 different High Schools and NOT due to moving- was even “requested not to return” to an entire DISTRICT…) I am an “A Student”. As in- I stress about “getting it right”. I stress about “not doing it PERFECTLY”. I stress about GETTING. EVERYTHING. ON. […]

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My daughter, Scout, 7, told me tonight she wants to be “smaller”. She doesn’t like her “tummy”. I wanted to weep. I wanted to scream. I wanted to curse and punch and fix it, stop it, make it go away. We both work SO hard to keep them “trying”. We get on kicks where we […]

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This week, for “homework” with my folks on The Gauntlet ( I asked them to post their “A-HA Moment”. That point in their “health lives”, exercise, weight loss, change- that BROUGHT them to me & The Gauntlet. What was their “tipping point”? The one that had them MOTIVATED, hell, COMPELLED to CHANGE. I was BLOWN […]

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EVERYTHING about this is wrong. The name, the PICTURE??! and the message. Thanks, Harpers Bazaar- now another 8 million developing girls across the world will receive yet another message to vomit up their apple they had at lunch. They will question their faces, arms, legs and muscles. They will IMBED YOUR MESSAGE that THIS is […]

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So, I was collecting wise, well-thought, reflective, on-topic things to say here ALL WEEK. But it’s my kid’s BIRTHDAY WEEK. If you’ve ever been a kid, a parent or read of either in books- you KNOW the all-consuming demands of “Birthday Week”. So, Max’s birthday (On Friday, he turns 11 and yes, it’s all going […]

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So, sometimes I’m all about hand holding. About gently easing you into the world of exercise, nutrition and health. I will subtly steer you towards better choices, modify your exercises for your “beginner” status, let you use those idiotic 2lb weights and “encourage” you NOT to eat that Family Size! bag of Doritos in 33 […]

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Often times- when I start training folks or they start bootcamp there will be this SHIFT. It is the shift where- after they get some results (weight loss because they got on a scale WHEN I TOLD THEM SPECIFICALLY NOT to GET ON THE GODDAMNED SCALE) and they either saw progress or lack thereof. Now, […]

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As parents, working folk, “grown ups”- it seems like we too often put ourselves LAST on the list. We shop, work, sleep and take plenty of time caring and tending to OTHERS but not ourselves. Many times, this is in the form of FOOD. “I just worked a 13 hour day- I DESERVE this pint […]

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Seriously? WHEN will people give up the QUICK FIX?! Lap Band Surgery, Juice Fasts, 8 million stupid DIETS, supplements, crack, meth jaws wired shut, BIKRAM (yeah- I said it)… the list goes on and on You are NOT treating the PROBLEM- which is YOU. Your habits, what’s making you eat crappy, not exercise, give up, […]

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