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FitHappens_MarkWell, it has happened. I've finally decided to wrangle all my research (opinions), experience (opinions), tests (opinions), feelings (opinions) and thoughts (opinions) into a fitness blog. Keep in mind that EVERY trainer/fitness person has their own set of "go to's", methods, thoughts and they are ALL different. I think there is a LOT to be gained- I am NOT going to reveal the BIG SECRET to fitness and WEIGHT LOSS because there IS NONE. NONE. NOT EVER. NONE. The only secret I have found is hard work and finding WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Opinions vary with each person and mine are all through MY own filter- it just happens to be a bit moreā€¦ "raw". than some. Doug & I have been doing this for a spell now and are constantly changing and adapting. Because we both get bored easily. I would HATE to do the same workout every day- HATE. I would also hate to be one of those trainers that wants their clients to do ridiculous crap that I would never attempt or want to do. That's why I'm right there with you, working out and will often scream : "Oh EFF THIS!" mid-rep and switch it up. For right now- this is just an overview. I will try to deal with specifics in later posts. My thought for this entry is: TRY EVERYTHING that even mildly interests you- fitness-wise. You never know what might STICK. If you can find that thing- RIDE THAT SUCKER until you don't feel it anymore. Then move on. (Hopefully, if you're local, that sucker is us!)


So… it finally came to pass that I HAD to have bunion surgery. This after my podiatrist- who had been seeing me for foot pain and a resulting hammer toe said: “You need surgery.” “So, What are you saying?” “You’re basically using 1/3 of your left foot and jacking your entire body’s alignment and risking […]

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Having the first record-breaking heat wave of the year miraculously co-incide with my period and a wicked awful bout of cramps. I wanted to either go fetal and moan all day or punch… everyone, all day. I did neither. Worked out. Trained clients. Ran bootcamp and continued with our “Summer Improvising Without Camp Good Times”. […]

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“I’m Scared.”

This is usually the FIRST thing I hear when talking to new/prospective clients. I reassure them- there will be no screaming, no puking (usually) and no stupid camouflage outfits. I also immediately smile. This is because I know my clients. I get to watch them show up, to FACE that fear, to challenge themselves. To […]

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“HAHAHA… Wait, Seriously?”

So, I entertain myself… a lot. Maybe it’s “only child syndrome”- maybe my kids really are making me insane… but there’s a lot of stuff happening in my mind. Oftentimes, it’s humorous. Look, if there’s no one around- what’s the harm in giggling to myself- or to my mind which may be presently entertaining or […]

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So, tonight I went on a night ride on the bike path… and some JACKHOLE on his bike- swerving all over the crosswalk- swerves to avoid a family crossing and t-bones me. I go down. Brake snaps off. He stops and says “Oh, Sorry.” The only thing preventing me from punching him square in his […]

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So- this is an “emergency blog”. As in- I am so PISSED about something (no, not my foot) that I am compelled to BLOG about it- in order to save my sanity. So, just buckle up- or return to your cat videos or whatever. I’m here for my own sanity tonight. So- I WALKED OUT […]

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So… I’m injured. It’s some lame tendon/joint inflammation in my 2nd toe on my left foot. It’s not debilitating. It’s not even really PAINFUL. It’s stupid, is what it is. It’s just annoying/irritating enough to jack up my runs. I can’t run as far. As fast. As hard as I want to. And, when I […]

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I can’t. Seriously. I just. Can’t. So, I’m in my podiatrist’s office and he starts telling me how he’s going to go on the HCG Diet. I ask, what that is, exactly. He tells me HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone created in women during pregnancy and regulates the body’s fat burning (way […]

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For some reason- back issues and posture have been coming up in a lot of discussions lately. and I have been meaning to look up this woman I heard about on KCRW. (I get EVERYTHING from NPR) She is the “Posture Guru of Silicon Valley”. As in all these major corporations & companies bring her […]

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So, the tables have turned. After preaching & cajoling & ranting at ALL OF YOU about TAKING CARE of yourselves and your INJURIES… You got it: I’m fucking injured. It’s no biggie a stressed tendon in the ball of my foot and strained toe- gives me pain when I run. Guess what from? Running a […]

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