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So, I don’t know about you but, vacations are ROUGH. We just got back from Zion & VEGAS and- trust me- trying to find healthy eating option in Vegas is as hard as betting all on black- and winning. So, I didn’t. I pretty much “sinned” my ass off, food-wise. So, being human- I returned home with a bunch of dirty laundry, water bloat and more than a few new pounds. I could spend my recovery weekend beating myself up OR- accept myself as totally human- realize I had a great time and left no craving un-indulged and start fresh.
For me- my favorite cleanse is juicing. That is for right now- it can change. I just watched “Hungry For Change” a documentary on all the garbage the food industry loads us with and have been on a juicing bandwagon. To me, it’s the easiest way to clean out, reset and get all the nutrients my body needs.
Do NOT be mistaken- this is NOT FASTING. I HATE that Master Cleanse bullshit- the maple syrup one. It does nothing except dump your water weight from 3 days and set you up to GAIN more on the back end. It does NOTHING to give your body what it needs. PLEASE do NOT do this. It’s harmful at worst and disappointing at best. A waste of time.
Back to ME! My fave reset is: 3 days of juicing or super clean eating. I will start the am with a cup of luke warm water with lemon- this is a super cleanse for your gut- beware- this sometimes gets stuff moving REALLY fast. I then follow with my Turbo-coffee: That’s coffee, BLACK with a tablespoon of coconut oil blended in. Now- if you put it in a blender and blend- it comes out creamy and frothy and actually good. I don’t recommend just plunking a gob of oil in your Joe and downing. Yuck. The oil helps clean out your guts, gives you all the healthy oil you need for the day and helps alleviate belly bloat. Then I will have 8 oz of my homemade juice: Kale, spinach, parsley, lemon, lime, apples, chia and ginger. If you are pressed for time- you can get some really great COLD PRESSED JUICES in bottles at Traders. Do about 1/2 (8oz) in the am. You can add protein powder, chia, hemp or whatever you like if you want. JUST MAKE SURE IT HAS NO ADDITIVES- nothing but fruit and veggies. I then have the juice and sip on it all day whenever I’m hungry. In between I will LOAD UP on water with lemon (Great for cleaning out and bloat) and sometimes water with a couple drops Chloryphyll in it. Then at dinner- you can do another juice smoothie OR make a SUPER CLEAN (All veggies/fruit /whole foods- NOTHING PROCESSED.) dinner. Make it under 500 calories. If you are tugging on that juice all day and maintaining clean eating this should get you through the day. I will do this for 2-3 days until I feel back in control of my food. Then I just maintain my CLEAN EATING. Look up Paleo/vegan/raw/vegetarian recipes for new, tasty ideas. I don’t recommend more than 3 days on the clean out- as your body may get used to starving and this is NOT that- you should be feeling satisfied by sipping on juices all day. I find that the end of 3 days I feel great- cleaned out, energized and ready to continue. I am way less apt to load up on garbage food (additives, processed) once I’ve cleansed.

Jul 13, 2014 | Category: Brooke's Blog | Comments: 1