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585241So, tonight I went on a night ride on the bike path… and some JACKHOLE on his bike- swerving all over the crosswalk- swerves to avoid a family crossing and t-bones me.

I go down.

Brake snaps off.

He stops and says “Oh, Sorry.”

The only thing preventing me from punching him square in his safety-vested shit-face is the fact that I have landed on my injured foot and I’m more concerned with hobbling to the sidewalk to check it out. He goes on his merry way- probably late for his late night D&D game online.

Fucking idiot.

In the meantime- I have been nursing this foot injury (Ball of foot & second toe joint strained) for 3 weeks and I’m about fucking done. I now empathize a little better with my clients when they are frustrated by injury. My advice, NOW?

Avoid dispirits on the bike path.


Sep 24, 2015 | Category: Brooke's Blog | Comments: none