WELCOME Seeker! No telling how you came to find our humble site but here you are. Serendipity, coincidence, fate- whatever: now that we have you let us tell you what’s up.

We are “regular folk” who use practical means to help change other “regular folk” into the best they can be. Whether it’s Bootcamp (if you’re lucky enough to be Los Angeles based), Personal Training or the WHOLE NEW LEVEL of The One On One Gauntlet- if change is what you want… look no further.

So-, obviously we aren’t Famous Television Icons, Fitness Models or Paid Celebrity endorsers. What we are is REAL. We are parents who have jobs and big lives and kid stuff to get to and bills and… you feel us. We wanted to find fitness that worked for us- as Trainers AND as healthy people. We have spent quite a few years honing and refining all that we offer here and really like it. Is there some babyweight you want to ditch? Training for an obstacle race? Want to break a sugar addiction? Want to get faster? Stronger? Healthier? Bulk up? Lean out? Firm? We’ve done it all and we KNOW what works.

No gimmicks. No “miracle fixes/pills”, no selling shortcuts in any way. All YOUR HARD WORK- combined with our guaranteed answers and advice- to get you where you want to be. We also offer experience and “hands on” training and coaching like no one else can. So, whatever brought you here- give it a shot. There’s much to be gained (or, LOST) by staying. NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES.