“I joined bootcamp with Brooke in September, 2013.  I have done a lot of cardio but not a lot of strength training.  As a nurse, I could see how I needed to develop upper body strength to help patients move in bed or lifting them onto a gurney after surgery.  I loved the training Brooke provided right away, it was fun, challenging and we laughed a lot during our sessions.  In January, we all decided to do a 30-day Gauntlet challenge to change not just our bodies, but our relationship to food.  This was 30 days of staying committed to a bigger goal – not just muscles, but our mental and spiritual well being too!  For 30 days we worked so hard to avoid the things that brought us down, sugar, carbs, negative thoughts, hectic schedules.  Doing this challenge really changed me on the inside and out.  When we finished, we all thought we’d race to the closest In n Out, but many of us found that the changes stuck.  It’s now been 6 months since I used an artificial sweetener.  And one of the new habits I cultivated was to give back to others.  When we did the challenge, I started volunteering one morning a week at the local food bank.  Now for 6 months, every Monday morning I help give out 225 bags of groceries to needy families.  And because I am now the strongest person in the line, I am the person who lifts every bag of groceries to hand them out!  Joining Fit Happens and Bust It Bootcamp has been the greatest thing I have done for myself in a long time!”


“I began bootcamp about 4 years ago to get back into working out after becoming a mom. I kept telling myself I didn’t have time to workout but once I started Brooke’s class, I realized it was so important to stick with it & do something positive for myself. Bust It Bootcamp offers a positive & welcoming environment regardless of what your goals are. I wanted to lose weight but more importantly, I wanted to become stronger so that I could deal with the challenges of being a mom:). When Brooke mentioned doing The Gauntlet, I was very hesitant as I haven’t done well with nutrition changes. Initially, the changes seemed unachievable but as the program progressed, it become second nature. I liked how The Gauntlet didn’t only focus on food & working out. We had many challenges each week that encouraged positive changes & ranged from increased water intake, consistently taking nutritional supplements, an introduction to meditation, proper sleep habits, & giving back to others. It was a whole body & mind experience that resulted in many positive changes. Not only did my body shape change but it showed me how important it is to take care of your whole self. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard at times & fully tested my willpower, but the benefits exceeded my expectations! The Gauntlet, with the support of Brooke & the other campers, was an overall great experience! “ 


“I first met Brooke 4.5 years ago when I signed up for boot camp with nine other moms from an email list. I wanted to get back into shape after having my son and I didn’t know where to start. I worked out with these amazing women for the next year – usually 5-6 days a week. I did a triathlon sprint. I was in the best shape I’d ever been in. Then, I started working again. I came to boot camp when I could and then eventually, couldn’t ever get to class because of my schedule. Fast forward two years and I’m working crazy hours and never making any time to exercise. I’m miserable. I contact Brooke and ask her to train me twice a week so I can start getting back into shape. She agrees as long as I do whatever she says for the next 5 weeks. I say, without hesitation, I’m in. 

So, I’ve now put in my 5 weeks with the gauntlet and it’s been the best investment of time & effort that I’ve made in years. I’ve been following an eating plan – not a diet – because the eating plan is just common sense. You don’t eat sugar, you don’t eat bread or pasta, you count your calories – we all know that this is how we should be eating anyway. You make an effort to do at least 20 minutes of cardio each day – every day. And finally, you make yourself accountable – first to Brooke, but mainly, eventually primarily, to yourself. It works and it works really fast. I am really excited to see where this goes – it is what so many people I know need. It is the catalyst to putting yourself first again.”  


“I started back at Bootcamp after over a year off due to a back injury. I gained a good amount of weight back in my year off, and I was feeling low. Within a little over a month after my return back, I started the gauntlet. To say I was the underdog was a huge understatement. Even though I was slower than the other campers, I took it seriously. The food tracking was so huge for me; not only the tracking itself, but the sharing it and making it public with others. I had support and accountability, and that made all the difference. I lost 5 pounds that month (12 pounds since back at Bootcamp), and I WON the gauntlet!! Me?!? Won!! 

Brooke and the other campers were instrumental in my success and without their constant cheering and sometimes tough love ( “come on, do one more rep, don’t give up!”) I would have never seen it through. 

Finally, one of the biggest highlights for me was watching my own daughter come with me to Bootcamp and cheer for me. As a result, she decided she wanted to start taking basketball to “be a strong girl like mom.” Thanks, Brooke, for the kick start for me, and my family.”


“To “take up The Gauntlet” means “to take up a challenge to fight” or “to show one’s defiance” so it seemed an appropriate moniker for a 30-day challenge designed to flip the bird at my extra pounds and bad eating habits.  I am a gal who gained a lot pregnancy weight with Child #1 and was unsuccessful in all efforts to take it off before Child #2.  

Enter Brooke Purdy.

I started bootcamp with Fit Happens LA about a year and a half ago and against all common logic I have been loving it.  I’ve gotten stronger, faster and all kinds of good things have been happening in terms of my physical well-being but I was not losing much weight.  In her never ending quest for ways to challenge us and shake everything up, Trainer Brooke brought forth The Gauntlet challenge in January.  Although I did not initially dive into the challenge with any sort of grace and loudly evoked the language of fear and suffering for at least the first week, I soon found myself reaching an equilibrium.  I weaned myself off processed sugar, brought fresh foods back into my life, took in whole proteins, scaled back fats and drank a ridiculous amount of water all under the supervision of Brooke & Co. and with the constant cheering and camaraderie of my workout mates ringing in my ears.  And you know what?  I started to feel really, really good.  I felt in control and mindful of what I was using to fortify my body by making fully conscious decisions about food.  It didn’t stop there though.  The Gauntlet is a sort of challenge for your whole life, not just your food.  I’m competitive and I wasn’t going to let not doing 10 minutes of meditation in the morning or not taking a new exercise class deprive me of precious points and pretty soon I was opened up and exposed to ALL KINDS of things I would have told you were “simply not possible” before The Gauntlet.  

The first 30-day Gauntlet round, I lost about 12 pounds.  I ran my first 5k in March at the age of 44.  I would have nervously laughed and backed away toward the dessert table a year ago had you even suggested I run 3.2 miles without stopping but here we are.  I did another Gauntlet in May and lost another 9 pounds.   

Fit Happens and The Gauntlet will supply all the materials you need to make the changes you’re thinking about making in your own fitness life.  If you’ve read this far, it’s clearly on your mind. There’s no bullshit involved.  Nobody telling you to buy their stupid set of patented kettlebells and a dvd.  No pills, teas or powders.  It’s you, a yoga mat, a bottle of water and maybe a trip to the market.  The turbo boost catalyst for maximizing all of those things, however, is Fit Happens. Without them, you’re sitting on the couch folding laundry at 5 o’clock wondering why you didn’t work out again today.”


I started working out with Fit Happens boot camp 5 years ago, and as a clear testament to Brooke, have been coming regularly ever since. What I love about boot camp is: Brooke’s energy and humor, camaraderie of the group, the physical challenge, and the strength and ability I’ve developed. Brooke was always very upfront about weight loss, and how exercise is only 20% of the equation, 80% of it is food. Whenever she would bring up the idea of counting calories, writing down what you eat, or cutting out certain foods, I would get so angry and resentful. Just the idea of it made me mad. I was afraid to look at my eating habits, and clearly very afraid to change them.

Cut to the gauntlet challenge. I don’t know what changed that day, or why I decided to be open and go along with her idea, but I did. I also decided I was going to try and “win” the challenge; another discovery I made in boot camp, I’m competitive.

Nuts and bolts of the gauntlet aside (because if you’re reading this you are already well aware of the rules) my experience with monitoring and restricting my food was revelatory. I felt equal parts free and in control. I am definitely an emotional eater, and having someone to be responsible to, a set goal in mind and time frame to work within made it possible for me to experience both the emotional and physical benefits of diet. Sugar had a real hold on me, and once I told myself it was just not an option, that it wasn’t going in my mouth at all, the food thing really clicked. I began to enjoy eating purely for fuel and good health, not for pleasure or emotional comfort. I lost about 12 lbs., and as I always expected, under the layer of fat was very toned muscle.

Daily exercise was tough, especially on the weekends when my family was around. Both my kids love to push themselves physically, so getting them to run sprints, or attempt one of Brooke’s “crazy 8’s or 50’s” workouts at home usually filled the bill. Getting my family on board was another way to create accountability; even though they thought I was already perfect, they loved how much happier and even keeled I became. It’s amazing how daily exercise and good clean food (nothing processed, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy except for Greek yogurt) can quickly change your perspective on life. Without Brooke, boot camp and the Gauntlet I would never have known that. 

I wish I could say I’ve been “perfect” ever since the Gauntlet ended (I believe I came in 2nd place) but I haven’t. What I have been is mindful, and easier on myself, and the times when I am eating off it are happening less and less. I’ve proven to myself that I can change, can control what goes in, and am no longer afraid of what happens if I just don’t put it in. None of this is easy, and we all have struggles. Brooke knows this, and when we let our big ugly resistant flawed human side out she understands, accepts and forgives. After all, she’s got one of those too. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer, gauntlet master or friend.