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cute-girl-angrySo… I’m injured.

It’s some lame tendon/joint inflammation in my 2nd toe on my left foot. It’s not debilitating. It’s not even really PAINFUL.

It’s stupid, is what it is. It’s just annoying/irritating enough to jack up my runs. I can’t run as far. As fast. As hard as I want to. And, when I DO “push through” I end up pronating (Tilting my foot to hit on the edge when I strike) and get sore shins. (I am TERRIFIED of getting shin-splints again- now THAT SHIT was massive and horrible.)

Anyway- I was trying to “take care of myself” and went to the goddamn PODIATRIST.

He didn’t fix it. He told me to rest it/take it easy, ice, etc… All NOT FIXING suggestions.

So- like any stubborn trainer- I went to A DIFFERENT podiatrist.

Fucker said the same.

SO- I’m “resting”. (As in not running- biking, rowing, alternate cardio things.) I also have to bow-out of a race I was going to do THIS weekend. 10K mud run… Am IRRITATED beyond belief. BUT- if I want people to DO AS I DO… this is how I have to roll… Or hobble for now. Will mean the difference between a 6 week injury and a 3 week injury…


Sep 10, 2015 | Category: Brooke's Blog | Comments: none