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“I’m Scared.”

This is usually the FIRST thing I hear when talking to new/prospective clients. I reassure them- there will be no screaming, no puking (usually) and no stupid camouflage outfits. I also immediately smile. This is because I know my clients. I get to watch them show up, to FACE that fear, to challenge themselves. To do things they didn’t think possible.

I also get to watch the most excellent part. The bonds.

I have had the same camp for 8+ years now- my (home) Burbank Crew at 9:30 am. I have had a good number of my clients since then. Our kids have grown up together in the camp childcare, we have watched each other through highs and lows, we have pushed, celebrated, comforted each other, sweat, run, collapsed and – on occasion- told someone they were pretty while they barfed. But mostly- LAUGHING. Oh God the laughing. I have peed my pants more from laughter than any “Mommy Jacks” (The phenomenon where- after kids- you INSTANTLY pee at your 1st jumping jack. Good times.)

So, when a newcomer tells me they are scared- I feel like I often do with my kids. When they express something- usually a fear and- with the armor of hindsight and experience I can only tell them: “Just wait. It’ll be FINE.” Well, this camp, these people are MORE than “fine”. They are the greatest bunch of badass, huge-hearted warriorsI’ve ever known. They are a “village” I could only dream of. So yeah- bring your fears right over- they will show you just how amazing facing them can be.

Tiny example- we had a test day this week. Various tests like a timed mile (GASP), number of squats, pushups and sit ups in 3 minutes each- etc. Anyway- it came time for the timed plank and Rebekah- EXHAUSTED from it all wasn’t happy with her time. So, she asked if she could do it again. Of course. Before she could even set up a timer- there were 3 campers right beside her- cheering her, holding their own planks- beating out every second until SHE was done.

That? That shit happens ALL the time. So when I hear of people being scared? When I hear of someone’s crap experience at a gym or corporate/trendy studio- I think, “If they only knew.”

We were ALL scared. We sucked it up and showed up anyway. The gifts we received from doing that?



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