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Sports-Injury-PhotoSo, the tables have turned.

After preaching & cajoling & ranting at ALL OF YOU about TAKING CARE of yourselves and your INJURIES… You got it:

I’m fucking injured.

It’s no biggie a stressed tendon in the ball of my foot and strained toe- gives me pain when I run. Guess what from? Running a billion miles? 6800 obstacle races? 2 billion steps a day? NOoooooo: it’s from wearing FUCKING FLIP-FLOPS for 3 weekends in a row. That was all it took.

Ditch your flip flops.

Anyway- I am a shitty patient. I AM listening to my foot guy. Have been biking my ASS OFF but running here and there and doing all I can in class. It’s fine but MAN, I’M CRANKY WHEN COMPROMISED. I just REALLY dislike not being “able-footed”. Having said that- I want to do my best to nurture (BLEEECCCHHH!) it so I can just GET OVER IT and move on. Kety word here being MOVE.

My point. I KNOW IT’S DIFFICULT to rest when you don’t want to but- if at all possible- TRY and treat yourself like you would a child or loved one. You wouldn’t force THEM out on a junky foot, right? So, why are you hurting YOURSELF…

Wrote ME… to ME.

Aug 14, 2015 | Category: Brooke's Blog | Comments: none