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no-quick-fixI can’t.

Seriously. I just. Can’t.

So, I’m in my podiatrist’s office and he starts telling me how he’s going to go on the HCG Diet. I ask, what that is, exactly. He tells me HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone created in women during pregnancy and regulates the body’s fat burning (way up) and muscle development- also up and optimally regulates a fast burning metabolism- ALL for the health of the growing embryo inside. The HCG Diet is where you get injections (That have to be prescribed & administered by a DR.) or get homeopathic drops of this HCG AND combine it with a 500 calorie a day Diet.

That’s right. 500 calories a day. That is it.

“A couple of buddies of mine are doing it and dropping weight like flies. But it’s just fat. No muscle loss”.


First off: ANYONE who STARVES THEMSELVES for 8 weeks is gonna drop a SHITTON of weight. BECAUSE. YOU. ARE. STARVING. You are also going to gain BACK that AND MORE after you stop starving because you have so seriously JACKED your metabolism that it now thinks it is STARVING all the time and HOLDS on to all the calories and FAT from EVERYTHING you ingest. Congrats. You just broke your body.

Next: how do these GENIUSES KNOW that it is FAT loss and not muscle? They getting measured in a tank every week? NO. They’re idiots.

And they are EVERYWHERE. Dr. Oz has sold his soul and we are lining up around the globe to buy into the bullshit of a quick fix. A magic pill. A “crash diet”. 7 minute abs, burn 70000 calories a minute, Super sets, Tabata, Crossfit, no gluten, no carbs, no sugar, no food that starts with a B… Jesus. JUST. STOP IT.

The only thing that has been PROVEN BEYOND QUESTION is portion control. Sensible eating. And Exercise. All these “shortcuts” lead to inevitable backlash and weight gain. Disappointment and surrender. It is a recipe for disaster and poverty. It is also a very common and understandable byproduct of our current “Smartphone”/ Microwave, Instant Access Society. Why work hard when you can BUY/click, HACK your way to thin/fit/abs???

Good luck with that.

Aug 27, 2015 | Category: Brooke's Blog | Comments: none