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Fit Happens L.A. has some available time slots to fill! They will not last! Get a crew of 8+ of your pals together we’ll come to you and your session is Free and it’s half price for your pals! We can bring a Babysitter as well- with a minimum of 4 kids.

All you have to do is gather some pals (groups need to be $800-$1000 total take for us to start, so 6+ people. If it helps to gather a group- you can say their 1st month is $100.00 FLAT RATE. This is HALF! You would just need to get more people to make the minimum.), find a space- can be a local park, parking lot, office, home, whatever- so long as we can fit!
I REALLY don’t know how someone would NOT take advantage of this… it’s FREE. (Almost) PRIVATE training for ONE MONTH. We GET RESULTS!

2) 3 MONTH SPECIAL! Get $100.00 OFF when you purchase 3 Full Sessions. Normally $200.00 per session = $600.00 NOW 3 SESSIONS = $500.00! An investment in your fitness!