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61e7270f3411bcb4ebd8e8a9908095ecSo- this is an “emergency blog”. As in- I am so PISSED about something (no, not my foot) that I am compelled to BLOG about it- in order to save my sanity. So, just buckle up- or return to your cat videos or whatever. I’m here for my own sanity tonight.
So- I WALKED OUT of a spin class at Crunch today. If you know me I only do this under the most DIRE of circumstances. To date- they have only been 2 things:
1) A dude barfed 2 bikes away and… well, there’s just no coming back from that shit. And, though my heart went out to him- no one should have to deal with that if they don’t have to.
2) PLAYLIST. See, whenever I hear “Fix You” by Coldplay- I bawl. It is a song I now & forever associate with my Mom, Chloe, who is gone 3+ years now- but the wound remains tender. The song makes me bawl- no matter where or what and … I don’t “pretty cry” you guys. I make noise and spew snot… Just ugly so- when spin teachers choose to play it- I gracefully unclip and excuse myself- for fear of being like the “Barf guy” and interrupting someone else’s spin.

So- a few weeks ago- I was in a spin class with a sub who played this club remix: “Let Me See How Big Your Mouth Is” by Calvin Harris & Big Sean. And YES- the name DOES say it all but here’s a sample of the lyrics just to bring it home:
“And ooh I love that ass
But I hate that fucking outfit
I’m taking off her blouses
While she taking off my trousers
That’s just a couple more problems
To add to the couples’ counselin’
Open that shit wide
Let me see how big your mouth is”

Anyway- I’m trying to block it out. I just want to get my sweat on. But it’s playing again and again and I just keep thinking:


I fought it. I just wanted to block it out and EXERCISE. The end of the song FINALLY comes and we move on. But that shit ruminated. It stayed with me.

So, today- I go in – one of my FAVE TEACHERS and midway- THIS Ditty starts up and it’s all about how this dude is on ALL KINDS of “Bitches” – “Black, white, yellow” and “Her P$**y” this and that- seriously- I didn’t even listen- I was done.

So I left class. 20 minutes in- and THAT pissed me off. I went and talked to the manager and start talking about how I am NO prude: I curse like a sailor, grew up punk rock, brawl with the best- LOVE a LOT of hip hop songs and appreciate a good bass drop as much as the next girl but… ENOUGH. I mean- WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE OTHER FEMALES HEARING IN THESE CLASSES AND WHY IS IT OKAY??! And why do the MEN playing this shit NOT EVEN BLINK at the straight up DISRESPECT. I mean- even if they don’t have wives or girlfriends or sisters… THEY HAVE MOTHERS- RIGHT??! They ever consider how BIG THEIR MOM’S MOUTH IS???


Anyway- I am telling the Manager at Crunch all about trying to raise a strong daughter and a righteous son and… well- I start crying.


I was and am just so FURIOUS about this shit that that’s all I could do. Not bad (The aforementioned “Snot Blower” cry- just angry tears.) But this guy- a sweet, VERY young, probably gay guy was TRYING to comfort me and hear me but it’s hard to comfort a small, furious, kinda-crying mom in the middle of crunch about the recent “pussy marauder” song in class. But he tried…

So- he’s leaving word to talk to whomever about whatever. I told him the playlist could curse all day- just ENOUGH with the “WOMEN AS FUCK-HOLES” songs. I can’t. I’m done. I don’t know HOW or WHY hip hop just gets a PASS for this shit. Where are all these strong, self-made WOMEN? Who FUCKS these men who write, sing and promote this shit??? WHY? Do you think so little of yourself that that is OKAY? Is it okay for YOUR DAUGHTERS?

I just can’t. So, I am now CALLING OUT all my fellow trainers, spin teachers, class teachers, trainers and MEN & WOMEN to STOP CONDONING it. Stop playing it. There are PLENTY of GREAT songs that DON’T DEBASE and INSULT women. If you hear it- imagine your MOM, WIFE, GIRLFRIEND or DAUGHTER as the recipient of this stuff…


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