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Prior to joining Fit Happens LA, I think I had was weighing in at about 175 pounds and was wearing size 10/11 jeans. I always ranged from being a size 6/8 and weighed around 140-145 pounds. I’m 33 years old, and had been the same size since my early 20s. But, something inside of me just had it with going to the gym. I had no motivation. I just fell out of love with exercising, which is odd for me because I had always considered myself an athletic and active person.

I decided to join Fit Happens LA in the summer of 2012 when my friend Estrella shared some photos of her working out with her boot camp group on Facebook and I just thought to myself how happy and fit they all looked. I really wanted that again. I enrolled in a session July 2012. I immediately loved the class and the people, the trainers. I felt as if we were all on the same page, we all just wanted to be healthy and physically fit. I felt encouraged and supported.

It took about a two months for me to get it it in my head that I needed to start to eat clean, as my trainer Brooke Purdy said to us “Eat clean and in moderation, you’ll see results.” I took that to heart, I started eating cleaner, lots of greens, protein, running on my own (again), and even participating in Spartan Races with my boot camp group. I continued to take photos of my progress and then it hit me, like 6 months later how much my body had changed.  I was leaner, stronger, faster, and toned!  I say this all the time to anyone who asks about my workouts and I absolutely mean it, joining Fit Happens LA is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It has inspired me to live a healthier and more active life. I look forward to the workouts every morning, I love seeing the friends I’ve made, I’m more motivated to workout on my own. I don’t dread working out anymore, I love it!! It’s put me in a whole different path and I’m so grateful.


July 2012– This is me a week in boot camp group, I was about 175 pounds, a size 10/11 and 5’8. This is probably the heaviest I’ve ever been, since my freshman year of college.

February 2013– This is 8 months later into boot camp, this is where I really saw the difference. I was actually shocked at how much my body had changed and I think I was weighing in at 165 pounds. I still remember doing a big happy dance all over my apartment!!!

March 2013– I finally tried on a bikini I had put away and decided to try it on. I was excited to see that it looked good on me again. I didn’t dare wear it in the summer of 2012. This is also pre-calorie challenge for the month of April. I was weighing in at 162 pounds.

July 2013-This is me now, I’m weighing in at 155 pounds!!! I succesfully completed a calorie challenge for the month of April and lost 5 pounds. I’ve continued on my progress, it’s been an intense few months of spring semester and summer school but I’m still on my way. I’m wearing all my size 6/8 jeans. Super HAPPY!!!

2/7/2012: This review of Fit Happens LA is beyond overdue. My transformation has occurred from the inside out. Not only did I find an exercise regime that was always challenging, fun and ever changing; I found a community of support and friendship that I cherish. I’ve LOST over 30 pounds since I started. And as importantly, I’ve GAINED mobility, strength, physical freedom, confidence, and friendship. On the days that I work out I feel fabulous the entire day. Not so much on non bootcamp days. Thank You Brooke for making my days and my butt a little perkier.
1/18/2012: I HATE working out… I needed to tone up, and my gym membership was just draining money and not being used. So, I decided to try bootcamp. That’s gotta do something, right? I figured I’d do it for a month, and quit, because I really hate working out. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. I LOVED every minute of Brooke’s bootcamp, and month after month, I just kept renewing my membership. It was fun, it was tough, and I seriously got into the best shape of my life. I never felt intimidated or embarrassed, and always supported. I had to quit because of my changing work situation, but I’ll be back as soon as things settle, because even though I still hate working out, bootcamp with Fit Happens, doesn’t feel like working out, but I got great results!
Briana R.
1/8/2012: I LOVE Fit Happens Bootcamp. I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant with my son and I spent the first year of his life alternating between joy and depression. The depression was over my weight and my inability to get a real workout into my routine between working and motherhood. BAM! Enter Brooke and Doug. Their ridiculously intense workouts, with a BABYSITTER!!!! saved me. I lost the weight, I got fit, I met other new moms and dads and I got back to feeling myself, only a buffer supermom version of myself. I even worked out through my 2nd pregnancy till 10 days before her birth. And was back at class 8 weeks later. This place literally is one of the reasons my life is awesome. The workout, the laughter, the people, but mainly the RESULTS. Can’t recommend it highly enough,. Can’t!
Kerry H.
1/19/2012: Brooke and Doug run an amazing camp. I go to Burbank and I can say after having gone nearly 2 full months I HAVE NEVER HAD THE SAME WORKOUT TWICE! Half the irritation of group classes is the fact that teachers bore you by repeating the tried and true. Brooke and Doug change it up every class, optimizing muscle confusion in the body and super fun for the boot campers. They take into consideration injuries, offering modifications for those who are on the mend and they’ll encourage you to go as hard as you can to make sure your body will rock. With zero arm strength, after my first class I had a hard time lifting a mascara wand. Yesterday I did 76 full pushups in 3 minutes and I have barely any arm soreness today. That’s progress! I’m stronger than ever, have a cool new group of peeps I enjoy seeing 3x a week and I love Fit Happens.
Jules F.
2/9/2011: Really supportive but challenging trainers who manage to push you without making you feel like you’re a complete worthless moron. I’ve done, p90x, Krav Magaw, Crossfit and these work outs are just as hard, but the best part is you’re doing them with a community of like minded people. It’s awesome!
– Mick M.
11/3/2011: I can’t say enough good stuff about this bootcamp. Brooke is an amazing trainer and a wonderful person. I started attending when my baby was 10 weeks old and I was struggling with 55 extra pounds post-baby weight. I felt completely miserable in my own skin. I was nervous to start something like this because I was so out of shape. But as soon as I met Brooke and the other ladies in the camp, I felt right at ease. The workouts are TOUGH but Brooke is always encouraging and makes you feel proud of what you CAN do and not feel lame for what you can’t. I love going to bootcamp– it is one hour out of the day when my child is taken care of (by the wonderful onsite babysitter) and I can do something for myself, get an amazing workout, enjoy seeing my fellow campers, and get to listen to Brooke’s funny stories (or helpful workout tips)!I am still a work in progress, like Brooke told me, “I’m not through with you!”. But after 10 months of bootcamp and (mostly) watching my food intake I have lost almost 30 pounds, down 3 dress sizes, lost SO many inches, improved my running, gained so much strength and so much confidence! I recommend this bootcamp to everyone I know!
Tracy P.
Anyone who knows me personally, knows how crazy it is that I’m championing a fitness bootcamp. I spent my entire life avoiding exercise like a rash. But after putting on a ton of baby weight and still carrying it as baby rounded the 1 1/2 mark I thought I’d try it out. I found Brooke’s group,, didn’t know a soul and showed up. The group is all mom’s and dad’s with young ones.It’s been kind of amazing. I’ve lost 20lbs since December, but more than that, I feel like I have something
I’m doing that’s not work, not baby and not furthering some long term career goal. It’s really just mine, for
me. Plus it’s fun and kind of kick ass!
– MP
Incredible place! I love this place. The  first week is the hardest , after that when you see the results you just enjoy all the soreness. Another thing about this place that’s great is the mixture of genders, there’s a nice even mix of male and female. The time passes by fast with all the moving and sweating. The trainers are very caring to all your needs ., for example you want to emphasize on a specific
part , they will definitely help you achieve your goals.I have about 4 gyms and haven’t ever
achieved what I wanted. Doug has been great in helping me work on the areas I need..
Great place, awesome trainers, fun environment !
– Kevin C.
Fit Happens continues to be awesome, inspiring and full of results.  As of October 2009 I became a size 0 and 110 lbs.  I don’t look like a waif, I look healthy, strong and lean and am loving the body I’ve gotten from Fit Happens in less than a year of beginning the bootcamp classes.  At 38, and a new mom…I’m in the best shape of my life and my true shape has finally emerged.  Feels like I am seeing my body for the first time in my adult life!And the friendships that my daughter and I have made there have been amazing!  These men and women are my rock!One hour a day, four times a week.  There is a different work-out every day so it never gets boring and your body never gets used to the exercises.  The vibe is supportive and nurturing, yet disciplined and motivating!  When I started class last March (2009) I intended to go for one month.  A year has passed and I can’t picture myself without that class, or without Brooke, Doug & their kids!
-Estrella T
I am SO HAPPY I discovered Fit Happens!  My daughter is about to turn 3 and I still wasn’t fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans, and could not get a routine down for the life of me when it came to working out!  Pre-child I loved working out, I don’t know why it was so hard afterwards!With Fit Happens that changed, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been since my daughter was born and lost 5 lbs. right away.  (Although I’m still a work in progress).  I have had a great time laughing and meeting other moms – it is super casual and fun, not intimidating AT ALL to those who haven’t been to the gym in awhile – yet at the same time – A SERIOUS WORKOUT!If I could give it more stars I would!

p.s. Oh yes, and for $5 a session, she provides a babysitter.  So, no excuses of why you can’t go!

p.p.s and you can set it up where she comes to you if you get a small group together – $200 for 16 classes – you can’t beat that.
– Emelie Z
I love my Fit Happens bootcamp! I intended to sign up for a month to help shed the last few pounds of baby weight. I’m now totally addicted and on month four. Not only have a lost the weight I needed to lose, I’m also strong, fast and in the best shape I’ve been in in years. Plus I’ve met a great and supportive group of women and we have a ton of fun every morning. I am so glad I found Fit Happens, for so many reasons. Thanks Brooke! You are the best.
Nichola W.
I hate to exercise, but I love this bootcamp! It’s a great group of women (and men) and a really fun, energizing way to start the day. Since starting about four months ago, I have lost 2 inches around my waist, 2 inches around my hips, and an inch from my thighs. I am finally fitting into my pre-baby clothes and am down 6 pounds (which is especially great because I can tell I’ve added muscle). My mood and sleep have improved and I’ve made some great friends. Try it for a month, you have nothing to lose!
– Dsx X.
I love these people.  Both instructors work you in different ways and always keep it fun.  I definitely work up a sweat.  With people on all levels everyone works together and at their own pace.  The conversation is never lacking either.  I’ve just rejoined and have already been receiving compliments on how I look like I”m slimming down.
Ron Z.

so you are looking to get back into shape.

going to a fitness club seems like a drag.  the drive to the club, dealing with the parking. then waiting to use the machines or worse, that guy who has to use ALL the weights.  Not to mention the grunters, the “soaking wet in sweat who uses the equipment and does not wipe it off guy”.  did i mention the “classes” that are geared to the “regulars” and if you want personal attention, good luck.

Fit Happens is a boot-camp, and no there isn’t a drill sergeant barking orders at you.

Fit Happens is quite possibly the best workout you will experience in 1 hour. Both Doug & Brooke are organized, knowledgeable and very supportive.  They will help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and very active environment.

by the way, when i started i could barely do 10 push-ups, after 2 months i was able to do 50, yes, 50 push-ups.

If you are looking to get back in shape, lose some weight, rock out to some great tunes, then is is the place to be!
Al R.


I have never done this on yelp but signed up to support this fabulous gig!  Loved my trainer Brooke she is beautiful, funny, kind, and just the right kind of relentless oh and incredibly empowering.  Lost weight built my core and made new Mom friends as I brought my toddler with me and sometimes my 5 year old.  Hats off to people who are setting up businesses that incorporate children.  May the force be with you FIT HAPPENS!  Hard core no joke exercise that is fun!
Terrie H.